The Elite 30

Working Out

In reality we don’t need a special time to exercise. Looking at the situation at a high level we are all remote-first in a results-driven, flexible environment. Each person has the full capability to exercise during the work day. There are many home workout options. You also have time before and after the work day, where most people traditionally exercise. So everyone exercises, right?

Shaking things up

There are some things leading up to this but I’ll skip the details there and just say on October 20th I was admitted to the hospital for “chest pains”. Why did I air quote that? I would probably call it more of a tightness or mild pain and shortness of breath. I had already been out sick so I called the clinic and after explaining myself they said to go straight to the E.R.

How I made it work

I had lots of things on my mind at this point. I can’t do anything drastic because I don’t know what type of shape my body is in. I couldn’t exercise hard. I was asking questions like “am I too late” and “will I be able to do it in time” and you can probably imagine. It’s hard to convey the amount of stress I was under. I had never been in a position like this before and I felt…. lost.


Purpose is important to me. It’s my drive that has gotten me to where I am despite all challenges. I had figured out a long time ago two things: 1) You can never stop, even if it looks like you won’t be able to move forwards and 2) you can get through (and do) amazing things if you are driven and believe in yourself. Now that I had a plan I just had to execute it to the best of my abilities.


When I returned to the cardiologist after all my testing I had lost right around 15lbs. She explained to me that all my tests were great and I did very well on the stress test. She was even happy with how long I was on the treadmill.

The best part

What the doctor also explained was that my responses to all the tests were normal and that I was healthy. Again very happy with the stress test as well. The last thing we talked about was how the abnormality on the EKG was not a heart attack. The testing was an abundance of caution after seeing the EKG from the E.R. and combined with the context of the visit. What we know now is that I never had a heart attack.


My family is happy and healthy and I go in for the final test result for my liver this month. So far the health issues were just a light scare and a chance to change things before it becomes a reality. As a bonus we were able to start working on the blood pressure, and found out something about my liver that could have become an issue later.

Final results

To date from getting put on my blood pressure meds and starting keto I’ve lost 50 lbs. My first goal was 250 to be at a weight where I don’t have to worry about breaking normal items. 250 was what I weighed when I went into the hospital. The next goal is 225 because that is 10% body weight loss from the time I went to the hospital, and statistically that is a great metric to watch to get off my medicines. Doing keto and IF together it does seem rather effortless though. I mostly cook at home so I always eat great food. After I hit 225 I think my scale work is done, and I’ll just be normal.



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Steven Griffith

Steven Griffith

I was a software engineer for right around ten years before transitioning into management. I’m still growing in my new field.